Teamfight Tactics: The Battle Has Officially Come to Mobile!

Riot games mobile projects are a well-kept secret, and we haven’t heard anything in a while regarding Teamfight Tactics – a spiced up version of League of Legends for mobile devices – until today. And it has officially launched and is available via the Google Play and iOS for most Android and Apple mobile devices.

The good news keeps on coming, as you won’t have to start all over again. And, even beter yet, the mobile version will have a cross-play with PC, so you can simply transfer your account. Still, if you want a fresh start, you can do so, but you won’t be able to use the skins from the “ PC account.”

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The game’s popularity has increased since it’s release, with many league players joining as well as other gamers. If you’re a league player, you will recognize a lot of characters and get an advantage, since you already know their abilities and potential. There’s been a lot of games, identical to Teamfight Tactics, one of them being Dota Underlords. The game still needs to be balanced, but you can’t have a game without some “OP characters.”. You will battle in different places, which will require you to think of new strategies every match and pick from a large pool of characters. You win the game when you drain the last life points from the last enemy standing.

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