Team DeathMatch Coming to PUBG Very Soon

Finally, deathmatch is coming to PUBG. The 6.2 update will bring the new mode for players to improve themselves and compete in challenges other than the usual battle royale. And, the update will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Even if the mode is pretty popular among other shooters, it has taken quite a while for it to reach PUBG.

The mode will allow 8 players to compete against another group of 8 players that will reach for the highest number of kills, and the game will only be playable in the first-person perspective. You will be able to play the deathmatch in seven different battlefields, at least for now. As for the starter kit, you’ll be able to choose a loadout before the game begins – similar to the way things work in Call of Duty. We know that you’ll have to choose from eight different kits, but we don’t yet know if you will be able to modify these kits or create one of youre preference. These 8 kits will focus on the main gun’s category: DMR, shotguns, SGM. You’ll have to base your kit selection based on the battefiled that you’ll be plaing. For example, on smaller maps with alot of close-quarter areas will require powerful and fast firepower, like an SMG or a shotgun. When you find yourself in a more open map with lots of space and long distances, you’ll better equip a sniper or a DMR.

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This mode represents so much more than your everyday deathmatch. I always loved PUBG’s guns but the battle royale usually represents an intense fight at the beginning then just running from the circle and shooting one or more players along the way. On the other hand, the deathmatch will give you that adrenaline rush you want and let you focus on killing not collecting equipment over and over again.

To win a round of deathmatch, your team must reach 50 kills first in two out of three rounds. As far as respawning goes, the system will make it so that you will be revived in a safe area, far away from enemy fire. Let’s just hope that it will work and we won’t have to deal with the “spawn in front of the enemy” scenarios. You will start regenerating life after five seconds of non-aggression.

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