Superpower III

Trailer: SuperPower III Revealed

GolemLabs and Publisher THQ Nordic have announced SuperPower III for PC during their 10th Anniversary livestream. There is no solid release date yet, however, we have the reveal trailer you see here and we know it will launch on Steam. Here’s a brief rundown of the game so far: The long-awaited installment to the SuperPower series, SuperPower 3 is a mix of strategical and managerial elements and is the most complete and accurate geopolitical simulation game to date. This iteration brings modern graphics, present day military hardware and technology, as well as an improved EHE/AI technology for a tailor-made experience for every playstyle. The wide variety of approaches to the game gives you unprecedented freedom! You can focus on the big picture, like planning out entire wars, or on the smallest details imaginable. The whole planet will be watching your actions and the decisions you...

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