CD Projekt RED Confirmed Multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077

Back in 2014, the idea of multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077 was denied in any way, but a recent tweet from CD PROJEKT RED confirmed that a multiplayer mode is a "work in progress." Even if we have no idea how what kind of multiplayer we will have, be it an open world like we have in GTA or a battle royale style like that of fortnite, let's hope that this will make up for the "first-person only" decision.

Some People Aren’t Too Happy About Cyberpunk 2077’s First Person Perspective This change comes to offer its player a better story-line and away better gameplay. Now you may think " Why do I have to customize my character if I will never see it" apparently you will be able to see your customized "V" in the inventory screen, during driving sequences, in mirrors, and "very occasionally in some cut-scenes". But from the gameplay we got to see, "V" can be seen also in security cameras and cyber optics. One user messaged the Official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account to clarify the "tpp view" in cutscenes or other situations. the response was pretty clear "In Cyberpunk 2077, immersion is very important for us, so yes, cutscenes are fpp :)" As curiosity occurred, our user also asked about sex scenes, and the answer was surprising "same". We can only wonder how these scenes will take place, and how...

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