Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Will Officially Have Ultrawide Support

Horizon Zero Dawn has been around on console for a little while now, but the port to PC isn’t set to arrive until sometime in Summer of 2020. Now, the game’s Steam page is hosting a new ultrawide screenshot (3440x1440) hidden among other screens with the “Captured from PlayStation 4 Pro” watermark. A little further down in the forums, Guerilla Games’ Community Manager, Anne van der Zaden, has confirmed that the ultrawide screenshot was indeed from the early testing phase of the PC port. We’ve also learned that it will have Steam achievements, but there’s no word on cloud support quite yet – probably because it’s a rather minor detail in the PC port. However, we can expect more details to come in the next month or two as the PC launch nears closer.  

Horizon: Zero Dawn For PC Was Spotted on Amazon

Finally, it looks Zero Dawn’s PC port will be arriving soon, after a listing appeared on Amazon France. There's also a good chance that it will make it to other platforms in the future as well. ResetEra spotted the new port, but it wasn't for sale just yet - it only listed the game name, publisher, and the PC platform. Looking back, Amazon wasn’t always the best at concealing bogus posts, and in the case, the lack of evidence (links, screenshots, or more details) make it a litlte hard to believe. The idea itself it’s encouraged by Youtuber Anton Logvinov last year, which lead us to believe that we will be able to play it on pc starting this month, but the month is almost over, and the game didn’t show up. Given today's date, the february launch is pretty much ruled out....

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