Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator – The Best-Selling Game on Steam?

Gas Station Simulator puts you at the head of a run-down gas station on Route 66 with the simple goal of making it successful or, perhaps, the best gas station there ever was. Your new station is located in the middle of nowhere and needs a lot of love. You have to paint, renovate, and even furnish. On top of these, to breathe new life into this old joint, you’ll have to tend customers, stock snacks, maintain inventory, and hire new workers, all while staying within a budget. This isn’t a short-term game, either. It was designed specifically by developer Drago Entertainment to keep you busy for a long period of time. You’ll see your efforts improve something over time, while the mechanics may come off as tedious and grindy to those who aren’t exactly into the whole extreme simulator niche. Interestingly enough, Gas Station...

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