Leak Hints At Fable Reboot, Halo 5 on PC, and Gears 6

A recent leak from Geforce Now’s database has pointed a some new first- and third-party games that could join Microsoft’s PC library. The most important of those games include Gears of War 6, the new Fable, and Halo 5: Guardians – the only released Halo not included in The Master Chief Collection. Other games include: Chrono Cross RemasterGod of WarResident Evil Remake With a new report from Windows Central, we can see how some of these leaks corroborate with reporter Jez Corden’s earlier reports. It should be noted, however, that the list of games in this report could be outdated or simply cancelled projects. Some of Microsoft’s listings include games that are still using codenames, but it’s those games that hel[ lend some credibility to the entire report. https://twitter.com/thexpaw/status/1437362950885490692 Placeholder list: Oxide UnannouncedProject WoodstockProject HollandProject Typhoon Project Holland became Fables reboot while Project Typhoon is said to be the latest game...

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