Elite Dangerous

Fleet Carriers are Finally Coming to Elite Dangerous

https://youtu.be/RoR-kgPwPvQ If you're not aware, Elite Dangerous is a massive, MMO game that puts in you the role of a starship captain. There are a lot of things you can do - engage in combat, explore the full milkyway, act as a transport captain, among many others. But, what happens when you have a lot of ships, need a place to repair them, or want to get into the business of transporting ships for others? Well, Fleet Carriers are finally coming and they are finally ready to enter beta testing. April 7th will mark the beginning of the beta tests, but the carriers won’t be available until later May, unfortunately. Next week we will get a new trailer, and Frontier will present one looks at fleet carrier gameplay. This will take place on April 2nd on a Livestream. The new carriers will not only be...

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