Alienware Concept UFO – A Nintendo Switch Ripoff or Something More?

Finally, a UFO that we’ll get to see. First time I looked at its design, I strongly believed that is some Nintendo Switch rip off, and it really does look like it. But, the Concept UFO is being promoted as a prototype for a new generation of portable PC. Now, to make this more simple, it works like a PC, and it's powered by Windows 10, but it looks very similar to a Nintendo Switch. Put on display at the CES, we can only envy the ones who will get the chance to try it first. This prototype spreads hope that we will get rid of the huge PC pack and endulge in a miniature version with the same, maybe even one with higher power and cstorage apacity. Dell isn’t the first company to come out with this idea, just look at Razer Edge or...

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