Counter Strike

The Detonation Bug in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Has Finally Been Fixed

Released eight years ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is on of the longer-running games on the market thanks to continuous work and regular updates. A new patch just went live and with it comes a fix for the glitch that stopped damage from counting during detonations along with some map tweaks to help tidy things up a bit. Of all the maps, Mirage sees the most changes. The map has shifted a bit to open up new tactical locations – something that means you’ll likely find a few new areas and surprises if you really know the map. Here’s a full breakdown of the patch notes: CS:GO Patch Notes for 1/29/2020 MAPS – Cache: — Various visibility improvements — Optimizations — Various minor bug fixes — Updated radar – Studio: — Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation — Clipping improvements — Improved visuals of CT / T streets — Various minor bug fixes – Train: — Opened up skybox over building separating Ivy/A site — Various visibility improvements — Various minor bug fixes

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Has New Characters and Maps

When we all thought that it was forgotten, Valve shows how Counter-Strike is still one of the best. We’re talking about CS:GO’s new characters. This time we’ll have more than a few masked guys planting, shooting, and defusing bombs. Characters like Tenderizer, “Most valuable MVP”(apparently that’s a name), workhorse, barber or colonel. To unlock them you will have to enjoy the game. As you progress you’ll complete different missions that will unlock them one by one. These missions will require you to play on different maps or doing something “special” (obviously). If you don’t want to complete them, you will receive a specific skin depending on the map you’re currently playing. This operation will be $15, the most expensive in the last years(the previous ones being only $6). These new characters will also bring to the game brand new maps, some indoor, outdoor and one is set in space, so that’s awesome.

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