Surviving Mars: A Sequel is Coming!


That’s right! Living on Mars and creating your society is not hard enough, so why not introducing a new post-apocalyptic sequel to it? Known right now as “Surviving the Aftermath,” this game represents the first entry in a new series of Surviving Mars games. There isn’t much information available now outside of the teaser above. We only know that it’s coming, and we can’t say if it will feature new buildings or even new mechanics.

Anyway, if you’re a stranger to Surving Mars, you’re basically in charge of a whole colony, which you will lead for prosperity. Starting in space, with only one shuttle and a small amount of money, you have to choose your destination wisely and start a colony. The location you pick will decide your income in resources and how you will expand over time. As you progress through the game, you will be able to improve and, definitely, make your life easier for your people and for yourself. You don’t have to worry too much about the terrain, as after you advanced enough, you will be able to partially terraform different locations to allow more buildings to be built.

Surviving the Aftermath is scheduled to launch in late 2020 and more information will probably be revealed at Paradox’s convention which will take place on October 18th. Even if the official release is set in 2020, we can pray for early access this year or early 2020.


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