Surprise Update and Discount Comes to Final Fantasy III

It’s been a while since Final Fantasy 3 received an update. Oh yeah, as a matter of fact, it was six years ago – June 12th, 2014 to be exact. Damn near everyone, with the exception of its loyal players have long forgotten about it. And, yet, here we are with news directly from steam about slight overhaul and a fairthy spicy discount. The appearance on the steam feed was, obviously, a surprise for everyone. 

Let’s talk about this new wonderful update. It will mainly focus on updating the user interface, adding better control settings, and better ultra-widescreen support. The game will also support new languages (in simplified form,) including,

  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Japanese
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The auto battle’s new feature is a speed-up button, which will be useful when you want to finish a fight very quickly. It is not supposed to make the game “boring “ or anything like that. Instead, that button serves as a savior for all those boring fights that you know you’ll win easily, and you don’t need any large coordination or anything like that. Think about the unwanted fights that are generated by random encounters. They have the worst enemies and wast our precious time on nothing.

This update may have some “small errors,” but thinking that it’s been a few years, it’s really not all that surprising. We can only expect some future updates that will fix them. The other good news is that you can buy the game at half the price – just $6.49 on Steam until March 2nd.


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