StarCraft Ghost: The Canceled Shooter Everyone Wanted

For a game first announced in 2002, it took a while to learn more about it. But, it was cancelled long ago and, sorry to say, we won’t be seeing more in the future. StarCraft Ghost was inspired by the StarCraft series, which is a game of strategy with endless battle between the three main races, Terran, Protos, and Zerg. After its announcement in 2002, we didn’t hear anything about the game for 12 years. When all hope was lost, it was confirmed that the game was canceled in 2014. The great dream of a StraCraft third-person shooter was destroyed.

The game was promised to be something great, something new, and something that many players wished for. Created for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, the game was even showcased in a gameplay trailer back in 2009, which looked even better, especially for that time. We got to see how Nova, a dominion assassin will work. With stealth options, specific to the original character. We also got some heat sensors, which looked pretty well drawn. There is also a stealth attack and two different weapons, one of whic was something like an SMG and the other a trusted sniper rifle.

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Even if the game didn’t make it, for its time it was a masterpiece, with quality graphics for it’s time and different mechanics worth considering.

A series of photos, uploaded via Twiter by Andrew Borman, saying that the photos have nothing to do with him, or his work was posted anonymously throughout various Xbox groups. Photos that show the interface of the game, a bunch of mission, each one of them with a short tip and a progress bar:

  • Sabotage
  • Scattered Forces
  • Zergling Rush
  • Canyon Advance
  • The Fujita Pinnacle
  • Pinnacle Hangar

With cutscenes inspired by the first starcraft, the classic portrait of the character and the dialog lines, the game sure kept the things we loved about starcraft, even if the Starcraft 2 cutscenes we’re totally better. But now we are in 2020, which means the graphics are “old” for many of the players, but still, the game leaves a whole lot for all of us that wish for a starcraft shooter. With all the changes that Blizzard goes through, maybe with some luck, we’ll get to see the game reborn, improved or with the same graphics. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one.

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