Star Wares Jedi Fallen Order is a great addition to the Star Wars series of games, but it's not as difficult as we expected (even on the highest difficulty settings,) and the boss fights leave a something to be desired. Overall, it's a fun game, but we were honestly left wanting a little more. Hopefully as we continue playing the game it'll live up to its expectations better.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Review

Does Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order live up to the hype? We were hoping for more...

We’ve finally been able to spend some time playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and it couldn’t be more epic.

Let’s start with the storyline so far. As we know, the game’s timeline is set after the execution of Order 66, one of the most devastating events that occurred to the Jedi’s all over the universe. We’re one of the last survivors, not even a Jedi yet. The game covers this “lack of skill” in a very good way as the force is weak and must be used with caution.


If you’ve played enough, nothing may surprise you, as the game itself (even on the hardest difficulty) is still easy to play. We call it easy considering it requires the basic dodge and attack skills like in any other game. Enemies will be more aggressive than usual, but there aren’t any mistakes to make that will kill you immediately. Depending on the number of enemies, we can still fall back and retreat or simply use the force to escape. Keep in mind that some of our enemies are immune to the Force’s attacks.


Like any Jedi, we will have different abilities relying on force. First of all, we get to push off enemies, making them unable to attack until they get back up. Another Force ability is grabbing an enemy and using him against other groups or simply throw him into a wall. The basic attacks with the lightsaber will do a lot of damage, but it will still require a lot of focus and “good calls”. The lightsaber will also deflect any unwanted shots, as long as you time them right. One of my favorite features is the ability to reflect lasers, just like a true Jedi. This makes the game so much easier and fun, of course. I mean what can be funnier than throwing their lasers back at them?


The game also provides a lot of challenging puzzles, but most of them can be solved with a little bit of attention. Some of them will give you a big headache and some of them will require high parkour skills. At the moment, we could take our time on them, as no enemies we’re shooting at us or doing anything to make it even harder. Puzzles could include climbing, going on tight ropes, or even completing ancient puzzles. It’s nothing like the puzzles in Resident Evil of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, though.

Even if they’re not puzzles, you will often face different obstacles which require a little bit of thinking, like stopping a giant fan or moving different objects to make our way in.

Overall Game Dynamics

The cut scenes are filled with sadness, as we found out that five years have passed since the purge occurred. As the environment shows us only ruins, we discover Jedi’s fleets that are rusted and almost get us killed. The same moment, our friend sees that we’re a Jedi. Obligated by the situation to use the force, but at a high risk of being caught. The Empire transformed a lot in only five years, with new ships and improved uniforms. Our friend tries to save us, but he gets killed and we get thrown on a moving train. Like seriously, we’re one of the last Jedi’s, you’re going to kill all of them by simply throwing them from a cliff.

At this point, we’re left with little more than hope hope that the game will reach its expectations. For example, the boss fights could feel more alive, with more tactics, and fewer brute attacks. The attacks are slow, and if you make a bad decision, it won’t cost you. We’re speaking about the highest difficulty the game has to offer, too, where we could have more complex fights and more dangerous enemies.

The game itself is great, even if it can use some improvements and perhaps a harder difficulty. The stormtroopers could benefit a better aim. I mean, after all, they can’t hit a target even in a game? Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available on PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4.

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