Springtide Event in Dauntless: Save a Monster, Start Hunting Eggs

It seems that spring has finally arrived in Dauntless, a game focused on killing monsters and lots of them, too. With Easter coming pretty soon, a new event has been launched that will take us on an eggs hunt all around the world. Before we start the hunt, we must visit the NPC, Bosun Markus. You already know where to find him – he guides new players on their first missions and offers valuable information. But this time we’ll visit him regarding the new easter event quest. You will receive three new quests:

  • Hunt for eggs: you can search for them on the whole island.
  • “Herd pufflehops into their pen.”
  • “Fend off the styxian attack!”

Pufflehops are new event mobs added to the game. If the name doesn’t give you any hint,  we’re talking about the latest cute creatures that look a lot like rabbits. After completing a quest, you will receive 50 carrot chips, which will be the currency of this event. Besides the new event, there are some changes to in-game life. There was a new Mastery card added for the Firestorm Prism. The Radial’s menu was changed from Radial to flare.

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Escalation also receives more EXP from the Hunt Pass. Growing up to 15EXP, previously 10 in escalation 1-13 and 25EXP in 10-50.

This new event comes as part of the 1.2.1 patch release on April 9th. If you want to know the full details, be sure to check out the full patch release notes on the official Dauntless website. https://playdauntless.com/patch-notes/1-2-1/

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