Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon Will Cross Over Again

Sam Fisher is set to return to Ghost Recon yet again

On March 24th, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon will come together once again in another crossover event at the same time with a big content update that, so far, hasn’t been delayed due to COVID-19.

Word of this crossover event comes directly from Ghost Recon’s Twitter account along with the teaser trailer that you see below:

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In the trailer, we can see Sam Fisher conversing with a member of the Ghosts on Auroa, the island in the game that serves as home to the armed-drone you’ve been fighting against in the main campaign. As a tie in, Fisher actually mentions Terminators, a reference back to the T-800 crossover that previously came to Breakpoint.

As for Sam Fisher, it’s not his first time serving with the Ghosts. He also appeared in Ghost Recon: Wildlands in an extra mission. We’re still waiting on Ubisoft to launch a new Splinter Cell, as the last one came out way back in 2013. We do know why Ubisoft has been waiting to produce a new Splinter Cell, but that really doesn’t stop easing the pain for such a long, long wait. At least crossover events like this keep the game series and Sam Fisher in recent memory, though.

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