Sony Says the PS5 Is Still On Track for Holiday Release

PS5 Render via Lets Go Digital

Sony just published its latest set of financial results and along with it was the inclusion that the PS5 is not only on track for Holiday 2020 release but that no major problems have arisen for game software development from first-party studios or partner studios.

“Although factors such as employees working from home and restrictions on international travel have presented some challenges in regards to part of the testing process and the qualification of production lines, development is progressing with the launch of the console scheduled for the 2020 holiday season.”

The report goes on to say that, “At this point in time major problems have not arisen in the game software development pipeline for Sony’s own first-party studios or its partners’ studios.”

With that in mind, the latest financial reports are indicating that the launch window shown in a recently-discovered Japanese job listing could in fact be correct, despite the rumors that the Sony was having issues with the PS5 and could actually require a complete redesign and that stock at launch could be limited to help avoid delays. For now, we’re just hoping that claims of the PS5’s official debut in June are correct, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as new facts roll in.