Sony is About to Take VR to the Next Level With the PlayStation 5

A new patent just exposed what the PS5’s VR controller and capabilities will be

As it turns out, Sony is working on a new PS VR controller that is, undoubtedly, designed to be used with the PlayStation 5. This news, while yet to be confirmed, is about as legitimate as you can get without an official confirmation as it comes directly from a patent filed with World Intellectual Property Organization.

The patent in question was found by UploadVR, and was actually filed back in 2018 but was just now made available for public viewing. The patent provides not only images, but detailed descriptions of the new controller. It looks like the controller will even be able to precisely track finger movements, something that could take VR gaming to the next level.

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According to the filing, it’s described as a “Controller Device” that is to be used as an input system for a “home-use game machine” that “detects movement of a user’s hand.” It also mentions this taking place alongside “a plurality of sensor units that detect the fingers of the user.”

Now, this does sound familiar, as it’s quite similar to some of the accessories on the market for current-generation VR devices like the Valve Index, for example. These accessories provide more accurate control of each finger in-game, but are still far from perfect. Could it be possible that Sony will have perfected the technology and how much further does it go. Will the next generation of PS VR take us one step closer to true, lifelike virtual reality?

It’s quite possible that we’ll learn more when the PS5 is revealed later this month during its rumored February reveal event.

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