Someone Has Managed to Make a PC-Specific Port of Super Mario 64

This new port runs on DirectX at high-resolution and works amazingly

Super Mario 64 is and forever will be written into the history books as one of the greatest Mario games of all time. It set the standard for 3D Mario gameplay and gave us a dynamic that we had never seen before in a Mario game. Over the years, the game has been playable via emulation and has seen the addition of a level editor, Odyssey’s cap possession mechanic, and it’s even been turned into an entirely new game. But now, there’s a version of Mario 64 that runs natively on your computer, no emulation needed.

It’s not just about the fact that it can run natively as other PC programs can. This port of Mario 64 runs at the native resolution of your monitor, and even supports Xbox controllers without issue. I have to admit, it’s outright crazy to be playing a high-resolution, high framerate version of Mario 64 after all these years, but I’m here to tell you that it’s real.

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This release, however, is a bit of a mystery. The person responsible has released it as quietly as possible and download links have largely been kept a secret. Nintendo loves to take action against people for imposing on its brand or previous works, and the company would have a blast tearing the internet apart trying to get all of the download sources and links removed. As such, we can’t give you a link hear, if nothing else to protect ourselves from legal action, but the file has spread across YouTube, Reddit, and various social media outlets, so it’s somewhat easy to track down if you look hard enough for it.

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