Someone Created the Original Legend of Zelda Map for Fortnite and We’re Amazed!

There are a lot of Fortnite creative custom maps, but this one is an almost-perfect remake of the Legend of Zelda map, starting with the lost woods, with lots of dungeons spread across the entire map, and even the great Death Mountain. Let’s not talk about how much time was needed to recreate an exact replica of the Legend of Zelda’s map – we don’t like such large numbers – but the dedication and commitment are truly amazing, and the details just breathtaking.

The only thing that’s missing is the hostile mobs that would keep you busy in Legend Of Zelda. Of course, we’re talking about two different games, but in this way you can offer much more attention to detail, such as hidden cracked walls that hide your path to unexpected dungeons.Even as you just connect to this map, you will find a cave with a powerful sword inside it.

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You should probably practice your bow shooting skills too because some entrances will require you to use a bow to open them. Even if Fortnite doesn’t posses the Legend of Zelda mechanics, the creator of this wonderful map -Mustard Play- created a series of puzzles, mazes full of traps, parkour routes with spike floors, all of which fit the map’s general theme perfectly.

Do you think the fun stops here? I don’t think so, after you completed every dungeon, try to collect every Triforce piece – you will need it to unlock the last dungeon which will be protected by some guards all ending in a hard force field maze.

If you think you have what it takes, or maybe you are just looking for a new challenge and a lot of fun, try it for yourself: 2326-3456-6999

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