Snowrunner Is The Off-Road Game We Didn’t Know We Needed

After Spintires was released in 2014, we’ve been itching for a sequal. Over the years, rumor has given it many names from Spintires: Mudrunner to Mudrunner 2, but we finally have a confirmed sequal, and its name is Snowrunner.

Heavy machines and lots of sandbox maps – that’s what you’re in for. A cold world where you will have to get the job done regardless of the cold weather and the harsh land, which, by the way, is not a highway or a country road. Try your best to conquer the mountains, to travel frozen lakes, and avoid being dragged in by the river’s currents. As we see in the trailer, you can always crash and lose all your cargo, which means, most likely that you will have to restart the mission, so try to avoid as many trees as you can.

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The cargo that you will have to deliver won’t be just be handed to you either, as we can see the missions include dragging cars from out of nowhere, gravel, and even iron containers. We can only guess we will have our choice of a variety of heavy trucks, depending on the mission or our taste, of course.

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