Skip the Team of 3 and Play Call of Duty: Warzone by Yourself

There isn’t a solo or double option for the game yet, but there is a nice little work around to let you get your Rambo on.

If you’re not into the whole idea of teamwork and would prefer to be a lone ranger in your next trip to Verdansk, then we found a little trick for you that is 100-percent legal and will let you play as a team of 1.

How to Play Without a Team in Call of Duty Warzone

To play Warzone without a team, all you have to do is follow these quick steps:

  • Navigate to “Squad Fill” from the lobby screen
  • Select the “Don’t Fill” options
  • Back out to the lobby, and start the match making process
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Once you’ve done this and the matchmaking process is complete, you’ll launch into the game as a one-man team. You’ll be at a major disadvantage and you’ll probably lose, but if you’re really up for the challenge, we’re here to tell you it can be pretty fun. It’s also great if you want to change it up every now and then or just have a bad run of getting teamed up with stupid people.

What’s Coming to Warzone Next?

Since Call of Duty Warzone has just launched, there’s absolutely no word on what Infinity Ward or Activision are going to do next. We suspect that solo and doubles options will make their way into the options or game modes list and, at some point we could see new modes join Plunder and Warzone. It’s the Call of Duty war for new maps to come along, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening for at least three months.

For now, the real question is how future updates will happen. Will it be like other battel royale games where the map simply evolves from season to season? When a new map is launched will Verdansk be removed? We’re hoping it follows the traditional COD style in which a number of maps will be available and chosen at random or based on player votes, but we’ll just have to see what happens. Either way, you can expect a number of updates and DLCS will be coming in the future.

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