Samsung Galaxy S11: What you need to know about it

The Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 + are set to make their debut on February 11, 2020, so let’s take a look at what we know about it so far.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Pricing

We start with the basics, so you should know that the entry price will somewhere around $900. The higher prices examples will climb north of $1,500 and could include Samsungs answer to Apple’s Airpods, the next generation Samsung Earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11 camera, Galaxy S11 Price, Galaxy S11 release date,
Galaxy S11 render based on multiple leaks (front is accurate, rear camera modules questioned) via OnLeaks / CashKaro
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The standard display will be 6.7 inches and not quite as curved as the S10’s screen. The back camera will hold five lenses. Speaking about the size of the new phone, we know that Samsung Galaxy S11 will be: 11.9×73.7×7.8mm. As expected, Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will larger with: 166.9x76x8.8mm with a larger camera. The Samsung Galaxy S11e render’ size will be 151.7×69.1×7.9mm and will feature a smaller camera.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Camera

Galaxy S11 camera, Galaxy S11 design, Galaxy S11 release date, Galaxy S11 price, Galaxy S11 5G,
Galaxy 11 ‘final’ camera design according to reliable insider @OnLeaks via Forbes

With the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S11, we’re talking about 48 and 64MP camera sensors. We can only expect one of these two on the Samsung Galaxy S11. The good news doesn’t stop here, as some leakers have suggest that Samsung has developed a 108MP sensor for the range-topping phone. Besides the new camera sizes, we’ll also have 5x optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Battery

There is nothing official yet, but a 4,500mAh battery is coming. That means the battery capacity will be the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. But nothing is for sure, as a 5,00mAh battery is also possible.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Features

Samsung Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11 camera, Galaxy S11 Price, Galaxy S11 release date,
Samsung Galaxy S11 render based on multiple leaks via Ice Universe
  • For all of the mobile gamers, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have 12GB DRAM.
  • A 5nm chipset.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack (take that Apple)
  • 5G and 4G LTE capability

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