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Sage Revealed As Valorant’s Newest Character


It’s not a good game unless there is support. Well, a new character is entering Valorant’s battlefield, and her name is Sage. Word about sage comes shortly after Viper was teased and her abilities are focused on damage and protection, like every support should. One of her skills will slow down enemies, making them easy targets, especially in a large open area. I can see it working best in a chase, where speed and good aim are best friends, if it can’t run fast enough, it will be an easy target. The best way to counter this ability is to have some cover near you or at least a teammate that can stop them from shooting at you.  A good position will always win. As playing this support, players that make a mistake and stay in an open area are your cherry on top, so keep your eyes open for any opportunity.

Her other ability showcased is a wall that can be spawned in a straight line to block exits and provide some excellent cover in case you need it.  I don’t know about you, but a tight space, her wall, and Viper bombs, it will be a blast.  We can see in the teaser how the ability can trap enemies. You just need to place it at the right time.  We talked about the open area as being a problem, but this ability will cover most of that problem. If you ever get ambushed, a quick wall can either save you and your teammates, but can also be a bad move and get your whole team killed.



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