Rust is Coming to Call of Duty Mobile for Season 6

Meltdown was added to Call of Duty Mobile just last week, and now Activision has formally hinted that Rust is now coming to the game.

Now, the image you see might look a little obscure compared to the Rust you know and either love or hate, but it’s undoubtedly a hint that Rust is coming. It has that primary tower reminiscent of the tower in Rust, and given the fact that it’s a very small map, this is the view from outside the play area. You’ve probably played the map already on the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and more recently in Modern Warfare as it came with the Season 2 update.

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Activision didn’t say exactly when the map was coming, but Season 6 of COD Mobile kicks off on May 1, 2020, so we’re betting that the map will be launched with that update. On that note, we also expect it to be playable in the Public Test Build for Season 6 that’s expected to launch sometime in the next week or two.

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