Rumor: The Sony PS5 Has Performance Issues

While the source isn’t exactly legitimate, it does make sense given Sony’s lack of a true reveal thus far

Sony’s PS5 talk back in mid-March did shed some light on the PlayStation 5, but it fell quite short of expectations. We have learned about the PS5’s backward compatibility, and that it could have the ability to load games as fast as Netflix loads movies. And, in our specs comparison between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, it became evident that the two next-gen consoles stack up pretty well against one another.  However, the fact that Sony hasn’t been able to show us any PS5 gameplay or even what the next-gen console looks like is quite alarming to say the least. Now, there’s new rumors that Sony is having serious performance issues with the PS5 and failure rate is beyond acceptable.

Now, before I go into describing this leak, just let me point out that I love PlayStation as much as I do Xbox, Nintendo, and even PC gaming, and I’m saying we should take the information I’m about to share with a truckload of salt. After all, the tweet that you’re about too see comes from the Executive Editor of Windows Central, Daniel Rubino,  (bias wouldn’t be surprising) and is a screen shot of a comment posted by someone that “works in the video game industry.”

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In short, the original comment says that Sony is having issues with heating problems that “rival the Xbox 360” and that its hardware is failing at an alarming rate. It even says that the PS5 can’t “maintain its clocks” and that Sony needs to redesign the console but is in a tough place because it doesn’t want to copy Microsoft’s tower design on the Xbox Series X.

Now, this raises the question about how much of this is true. To us, it sounds like a bunch of the typical Xbox fanboy nonsense that’s aiming at pissing of PlayStation fanboys. However, these claims would make sense given the fact that so far we’ve seen no official console design and no official gameplay. Then again, there are no game developers out there claiming the same thing, so it’s really hard to take any of this seriously. If this is true, then chances are the PlayStation 5 won’t launch in time for the holiday season this year which could mean that Sony lost the next-gen console war before it was even able to fire a shot.

But, what do you think? Does the fact that we haven’t seen anything real from Sony aside from some specs indicate that there’s a coverup going on or is all this just smoke and mirrors to get the better of PlayStation fans?

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