Rumor Has it That the Next Resident Evil Game Will Piss You Off

Apparently, the next Resident Evil game will be a huge departure from the previous games

Resident Evil 3 is about to launch to the public, so now it’s only natural that we start focusing on what’s coming next. The Resident Evil series is hot, after all, and we’ve heard all kinds of rumors from ideology that it’ll be based in a European-like town filled with monsters to the idea that it’ll have werewolves, the closest of which we’ve seen so far were zombie dogs. A new rumor from AestheticGamer, a rather active and fairly accurate leaker, sheds some fresh heat on the rumor fire.

According to the newest rumor, the next Resident Evil game is coming in 2021 and will be “the biggest departure the series has ever taken.” It won’t be another remake, and it has apparently been in development since 2016 – something we assume was paused to complete the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes. Apparently, the new game will be controversial and “a lot of people will be pissed off about it when it’s revealed.”

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AestheticGamer did say that it will be a “high-quality game” and that the development of the game is very similar to the original Resident Evil 3. On the note of it supposedly launching in 2021, well Twitter user @gmandagoat_ pointed out that there’s a date hidden in the RE3 demo trailer as shown below:

Either way, we still quite a while to wait, but it does make us wonder if Capcom was planning to announce this new Resident Evil game during the now-canceled E3 2020.

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