Rockstar Hints At GTA 6 Once Again – Kind Of

Once again, the official Rockstar Support account on Twitter is answering questions about Grand Theft Auto 6. Well, it’s not exactly answering them, but it’s at least acknowledging them – directing fans of the yet-to-be-confirmed game to Rockstar Newswire for official updates. Of course, these replies, which were scattered across the last week, also confirmed that Rockstar has “not released any information” about GTA 6.

Following Rockstar’s renewing of both GTA 6 and Vice City Online domain names, it’s not surprising that Rockstar Supports new attentiveness to GTA 6 would spark new rumors. The same thing happened when Rockstar introduced a new logo and when was updated to no-longer point to the official GTA 5 website. Just a few weeks after the the website situation sparked rumors, a report suggested that GTA 6 was actually in development but would be very different. If that rumor was true, and the reasoning behind Rockstar Supports new interesting in replying o GTA 6 really signals that official news is on the way, we may not have too long to wait for at least something official.

Needless to say the recent activity regard GTA 6 has gotten the GTA community talking, but so did all of the other rumors, and we all know those amounted to absolutely nothing. Until we hear more, be sure to check out what we know about Grand Theft Auto 6 or how you can spice up GTA V with the best 4k and realism mods!