Resident Evil Village (aka RE8) Is a Continuation of Resident Evil 7

Remember that tough choice you had to make at the end of RE7? Well, now you get to see what happens after.

In an interview with Japanese Magazine Famitsu, Resident Evil producers – Tsuyoshi Kanda and Pete Fabiano – shed some light a on few details about Resident Evil Village. The big takeaway is the that the game is only about 60-percent finished, but we also learned just why it’s called “Village” and not simple RE8.

According to the aforementioned RE producers, Resident Evil Village has been in the works for just about three and a half years, and it’s still scheduled to launch sometime in 2021. As far as when we’ll see more footage, well there’s a plan to show off more of the game in August which is, coincidentally, when the next PlayStation 5 event is supposed to happen.

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The story line of RE: Village is essentially a drawn-out conclusion of RE7, following Ethan Winters – the man that got caught up in the events of RE7 as he was trying to find his missing wife. This, of course, brings up a big question: Which ending of RE7 does RE Village pickup from? If you recall correctly, you had to choose whether to save your wife or another character. The developers have said that if you watch the trailer close enough you can tell, but we’ve yet to figure it out.

We’ve also learned that Chris Redfield will play a role here, but the longtime protagonist won’t be the hero in this story. The village itself will also serve as a protagonist, which is, apparently, why the game is being called Resident Evil Village and not Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil Village Announcement Trailer

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