Resident Evil 8 Will Land On Ps5 With 4K Ray Tracing and Support for Addaptive Triggers

An Official PlayStation Store listing for Resident Evil 8 has exposed us to a bunch of new details, including that RE8 will support 4K Ray Tracing and the Dual Sense controller’s adaptive triggers.

On top of these two new goodies, we have it on good authority that we’ll experience super-fast loading times lanks to the PS5’s “ultra high-speed SSD.” The adaptive triggers will work together with haptic feedback to “simulate the effect of firing a real gun.” This feature, by the way, may be exclusive to the PS5, so this may be a good reason to make the switch from Xbox if you haven’t already.

Adding to this, we still don’t know if Resident Evil 8 will feature 4K graphics and ray tracing on the Xbox Series X.  It’s easy to assume that it will, knowing that games like Watch Dog’s Legion will offer Ray Tracing, so it seems like a no-brainer.

If you haven’t heard yet, new details about Resident Evil 8 were recently shared by developers, and Ethan Winters – the protagonist from RE7 – is returning to the game. Chris Redfield will also play an interesting role, in what is expected to be the longest RE game to date.