Remnant: From the Ashes: How to find an SMG before starting the missions

Author: Stefan Mariut


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Published On: August 21, 2019

Get a head start right before you begin the first mission by unlocking a hidden sub-machine gun in just a few footsteps.

First of all, you will have to travel to the Founder’s Hideout by using the fast travel option given by the Red Crystal. Once you’ve arrived you must obtain the Ward 13 key that can be found on the founder’s desk marked by a red light. After you grab the key, return to Ward 13 by using the Red Crystal. After you arrive, start looking for the B2 level on which you will have to use the key card to open a security door. The next item on your list will be a fuse, located in the last room to the left side marked by a red light.

Now that you have the fuse, go to the B3 -the bottom floor- and find a panel to install the fuse so you can turn the power on. Use the card to open the open another locked door. With the door opened, go back and turn off the power so you can pass the fan. Behind the fan, you will see a hole, in which you will find the Ward 13 Master key, also marked by a red light. Now you have to use the key to open the back door located in Ward 3 B2. The SMG will be revealed by a purple light.