Red Dead Redemption Online: Become a Booze Baron on December 13th

If you’re bored with the current pursuits in Red Dead Redemption online, there’s good news. The upcoming Frontier Pursuit will allow you to become the booze baron you’ve only dreamed of being. There’s nothing “WOW” about it, but its surely better than hunting animals or picking flowers all day.

As a Trader, you will have to achieve rank 5 or higher or simply complete a sell mission. After that, you’ll meet Maggie Fike, a “master” bootlegger which will lend you a hand to start up. Nothing is free, especially in the wild west, so you’ll have to finish some of her “business” to advance. This missions will involve hunting down some of her enemies. All of the moonshiner jobs will be activated from her, so make a good first impression.

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Your job will be to cook up elixir in your own shack. After some time, you’ll need to improve – we want to keep up with the market, don’t we? The recipe can be improved over time, as well as the “techniques”. Perhaps we will be able to create the same amount in a shorter time or more quantity in the same amount of time.

With this new role, get a bew wardrobe, more clothes to wear and show how wealthy you are. With this event, we also mark the start of the second Outlaw Pass. Now, there are two ways of looking at these new features: you can become one of the most popular barons or the one that everyone runs away from. Either way, prepare your recipes and start cooking on December 13th.

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