Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides Is Live With New Operators and Map Changes

Rainbow Six Siege is now four years old. This year’s last season introduces Operation Shifting Tides.

We’ll be looking at a formidable two new Operators: Kali and Wamai. You may recall them from the Nighthaven Special Intervention group. Besides the newest operators, we’ll also be covering some of the changes on some operators and maps.

Changes to Operators in Operation Shifting Tides

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Kali will be an Attacker, holding a big and powerful rifle that can inflict some serious damage from a long, long distance. The destruction won’t stop here, you have access to an LV Explosive Lance to add more damage. IF you need an example of how powerful the LV is, it can destroy Castle’s armor in one shot.

Wamai will be a defender, which will be a true pain for any “projectile guy”. This awful invention is called the Mag-NET system. There is a suspicious attraction for this defender. This gadget will gather every enemy projectile and destroy them. That’s OP, and you can have up to five of these evil creations.

Let’s not forget the “old” operators, which are on sale now, at least some of them.

  • Hibana
  • Echo
  • Dokkaebi
  • Vigil
  • Zofia Nomad
  • Kaid

Updates to Maps in Operation Shifting Tides

Theme Park received some improvements, both on the inside and outside. Outside, the line of sight was lowered so you can’t spawn peek anytime soon. Oh yeah, the rail platform is no more. On the interior, there was some remodeling with the building, just getting it closer to the map theme, as it should have been since the first time.

Bullet Penetration

Limb penetration is the main attraction. Now we have the opportunity to shoot two operators with only one bullet. Don’t get any Deadpool ideas, the second target will take less damage.

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