Quarterly Update No. 1 – Diablo 4 Just Took a Big Leap Forward

PC controller support, left-click rebinding, and cannibals top the list of goodies in this quarterly update

Blizzard promised to deliver quarterly updates to Diablo 4, and it just delivered its first update right on schedule. As a matter of fact, this first quarterly update is quite a doozy – so much so that we’re not sure how Blizzard will be able to follow up next quarter.

Diablo 4 Cannibal Family Lineup

One of the most important updates is a new monster family. As you already know, monsters are being grouped into these families, and this one might be one of the most wretched and brutal so far. I’m talking about cannibals – a family with four distinct members, each of which features its own design and weapons. Two of these guys are melee fighters and are equipped with either a two-handed greatsword cleaver or a lightweight halberd. There’s also a bruiser that dual wields spiked clubs and is capable of stunning players at the same time as damaging them. Then you have the Swamers – these guys wield dual axes and attack at just the right time: after the bruiser has stunned you.

New Features Make Diablo 4 Gameplay Easier

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Along with the promise for quarterly updates came the promise that Blizzard would listen to what the community says and use that feedback to shape Diablo 4. Well, Blizzard is 2 for 2 so far because it did exactly that. To start things off, as of the launch of the first quarterly update, you’ll be able to rebind your primary skill to something other than your left-click button. On top of that, if you’re someone that’s been begging for controller support, well we have good news for you. Blizzard has made the PC version of Diablo 4 compatible with gamepad controllers. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, though, as the game is being developed for consoles as well.

Diablo 4 Will Get an Early Makeover

The same Dev update that announced all the goodies in this quarterly update has also confirmed that Blizzard is working to improve the look of Diablo 4. There will also be updates to the functionality of the inventory screen, although there will never be different-sized items like there was in Diablo 1 and 2.

Angela Del Priore, Diablo 4 Lead UI Designer, emphasized on this a bit, saying,

“We hope to both home in on our goal of a gritty, realistic UI, while balancing ease of use. As the inventory screen is something our players will probably interact with the most, we really appreciate your feedback in this area”

On top of this, we’re promised that there will be improvements made to local co-op play after complaints about bugs in the display between local players. There’s no word as to when we’ll see the improved UI experience or local co-op updates, but there’s a good chance it won’t happen for a few months, right when it’s time for the next quarterly update.

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