PUBG Survival Mastery – It’s Just About Killing Anymore

That’s right folks, after getting used to earning exp by firing all kinds of weapons at our enemies with the Weapon Mastery system, now we must approach a more “hippie’ style of gameplay in PUBG’s new survival mastery system.

The new Survival Mastery will focus on looting. As you land you know what you have to do – search for a weapon to withstand the first minutes. After you kill the players that landed near you, you must start hunting for gear, better weapons, and compatibles upgrades. After you’ve completed your gear, you start to kill everything that has a name for that chicken dinner. But that’s only what gets you started. With the new survival mastery system, you will have to search even more, as looking for loot will grant you XP.

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Using items will also grant you bonus exp, so start practicing if you don’t want to waste your character with a grenade or simply blind yourself with a flashbang. Also, being a good teammate will increase your XP or, to be more specific, reviving your fallen teammates. The new PUBG ID will better describe each player, making it easy or you to understand which position your allies fit the best.

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