Project Titan has Arrived in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The first Ghost Recon raid is here. This is a free update and it’s open for any player who wants to take a real challenge. The only requirement for this mission is to have a Gear Score equal to or higher than 150.

Now, there is a tricky situation, you can’t play with your friends if there aren’t four of you already. Communication is key, said Ubisoft, so make sure that you have a decent mic, and the silence around you to play and not bother your teammates.

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As you progress through the raid, you will have different checkpoints after every “boss fight”. Now, you only have to seriously consider if you want to play more or take a break after every big fight, as the progress between those fights won’t save, and you will have to replay from the last checkpoint.

Enough tasks, let’s talk about why you should play this raid:

  • It’s fun, it’s new, and involves communication skill and the team spirit we all have
  • We have rewards, raid loots, credits(Skell), sets for different classes, and master plans for different weapons

Project Titan takes places on a volcanic island, where an organization named “Red Wolves” have occupied the Golem Island. You won’t face many “alive” enemies. Your main focus will be dangerous drones and robots.

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