Population Zero: Is It Rust Set In the Future?

Population Zero is a SCF-fi MMO game, which at the moment of this writing, is still in closed beta. The beta testing started last year ans is now close to being open for the rest of the world. Early access to the game will start on May 5th, to be precise. Promises from the developers assure us that there will be a continuous narrative line and a weekly sense of purpose.

That sense of purpose, as they hope, will be maintained by adding resets every week that will advance the narrative. What I find interesting and intriguing is the survivability. Every week you will have to start over again but with some memories from the previous week. The planet’s conditions won’t allow you to survive after every week, forcing you to search new land or take it all over again, but the “recipes” I assume, will remain available. Now, this sounds awesome, making players go further and further to discover new locations, mechanics, and mysteries. It sounds wonderful until you realize that you heard the story before. The cycle promises a lot, but they don’t provide enough to avoid a repetitive cycle – something no player likes.

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The game, which started out as free to play will be available to buy for $30 in stores(one-time purchase). The reason behind this decision seems pretty fair: the fear of creating a pay to win-game

Denis Pozdanyakov, creative director for Enplex Games, said:

“The decision to change the monetization model from free-to-play to a one-time purchase has been made after a series of thorough discussions within the team and core community. The  shift to buy-to-play will allow the studio to continue the work on the game without fears of ‘pay to win,’ as well as allowing us to release new game content that really enhances the gameplay.”

The game will have microtransactions, which will be nothing more than cosmetics for your character. If you want to know more about Population Zero, it will be revealed in full at PAX East, which will start on February 27th and run until March 1st.

Population Zero Screen Shots

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