PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Could Soon Be Free-to-Play

Beta testing has already begun

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has two big flaws – the first being that you have to actually buy the game, and the second being that it requires some serious hardware to run on PC. That present state of the game could eventually fade away, at least to an extent as PUBG has begun testing a free-to-play version that will operate more like the game’s primary competitor, Fortnite. For now, the free-to-play version, which will go by the name “PUBG Lite,” is only available in Thailand during the beta testing phase, which will, ultimately, determine whether or not the game is released into other regions.

The “lite” version of the game is, essentially, that – lighter. It will still require a 64-bit version of Windows7,8, or 10, but will only require a Core i3 processor running at 2.4 GHz, 4GB of Ram, and Intel HD Graphics 4000 or compatible. Hard drive space required will be shrunken down to just 4GB, at least at first, anyway. Of course, the recommended specs (as you can see below) are a little higher, but the game is nowhere near as needy as the game we all play now.

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There are a few stipulations, though as the free-to-play version – which will, undoubtedly, offer in-game purchases – will have limited playability with the only game modes being Solo, Duo, and Squad. At first, the only map available will be Erangel. The choice of maps will eventually grow as PUBG claims that the “Lite” version is a stand-alone game and there will be a separate development team working on exclusive content for it. Their primary mission will be to integrate new maps and features that will, naturally, trickle down from the paid version of the game.

Why Would PUBG Go Free-To-Play?

When you look at the income data for PUBG, it doesn’t seem like a free-to-play version is necessary. The game actually grossed more than $1 billion last year. That’s nothing compared to the $2.4 billion more that Fortnite is estimated to have pulled in last year. Free-to-Play games may be a little more limited and require more in-app purchases, but they allow more freedom to choose and, ultimately, as it appears, earn more money. Either way, there could soon be a free-to-play version of PUBG and we’re looking forward to seeing just how it compares to the paid version.

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