Play Doom Eternal as a Pink-Winged Unicorn – Here’s How!

It is no blasphemy, the most loved demon slayer of all time is getting a more kid-friendly outfit, well, kind of. As a way to promote Doom Eternal and Twitch, users of twitch prime will get an exclusive bundle of cosmetics, including a cute little pink unicorn skin. This unicorn skin won’t make you more potent, but that wasn’t really needed anyway, now was it? The skin won’t come alone, either. Aside from the new skin, you will also get a few animations (to make the unicorn even cuter, of course) and some unique features.

To receive the skin and the rest of the feautures in the exclusive bundle, you will need to log into or create a twitch prime account. This promotion really isn’t anything new, as Twitch Prime brough some exclusive extras to Destiny 2 and Apex Legends as well.

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The bundle of this skin brings more than the deadliest unicorn you’ve ever seen. The package also contains the following animations, two podiums, and a player icon to show off to all your friends:

  • For Those Who Dare to Dream(podium)
  • For those Who dare to dream (podium)
  • Clip Clop animation
  • Haymaker animation
  • Horsing around
  • Haymaker
  • Love conquers all (player Icon)
  • Super sparkle Slayer (nameplate and title)

To get the skin, you will need to link your account to the Twitch account and claim it by March 20th.

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