Plague Inc removed from the App Store in China

Plague Inc is an epic game in which you get to develop a deadly virus from the ground up, controlling how it spreads, how it mutates, and – ultimately – how it affects the population of the world. The whole point is to wipe out human civilazation as you work against a clock or a cure, rather. With the so-called outbreak of the Coronavirus (it’s not really an outbreak, folks) the China App Store has removed the game completely. This decision is based on the fact that some content that the game is illegal in China, according to rules put in place by the Cyberspace Administration.

There are no connections between the game and the coronavirus outbreak, even if the game is a simulation of fictional diseases and thousands of players have admitted to creating a new virus in the game with the same name. Plague INC developers announced that they’re working as much as they can to get the game back for its Chinese players, but as is the usual case with everything in China, it’s not going to be easy.

“We’re really sad to announce that Plague INC has been removed from the China App Store. This is completely out of control, and we are working to find a way to bring the game back to our players in China.”

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The game received a lot of new players due to “coronavirus interest,” with such high demand, the developer team (Ndemic) posted that the in-game information is not real, and they should get the information from a quality source, more exactly, the health authorities in regard to real illness.

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