Phil Spencer Doesn’t Seem Worried About the PlayStation 5 One Bit

Apparently, Spencer “felt really good” after seeing the first PS5 showcase

Just a couple of weeks ago, we learned everything Sony wanted to share about the PlayStation 5, and later on we learned about PS5’s backward compatibility and that the it may load games as fast as Netflix. In our comparison of the Xbox Series X an PlayStation 5, we concluded that the Series X will probably have a small jump on the PS5 in a couple of different categories and now it looks like Phil Spencer agrees.  

In an interview with IGN, Spencer gave his heart-felt response to the Sony PS5 after watching Mark Cerny’s PS5 Talk presentation. It short, he doesn’t seem worried at all.

“No doubt, I felt really good about how Series X lines up.”

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That’s not to say that Spencer isn’t a fair man, though, as he didn’t hesitate to point out that the PS5 team put in some serious effort.

“I think Mark and the team did some really good work on the audio processing that they talked about, their SSD technology is impressive, we like that. We saw the work that they did. But we took a holistic view on our platform from CPU to GPU to RAM to throughput, velocity architecture, latency, [backwards compatibility]. It took us years to get to this point … so I definitely have respect for any platform team that’s launching, because it takes a lot of work.”

However, with that in mind, he also took the time to point out that he’s not only confident but felt better about the choices taken with the Xbox Series X. One of those choices is, likely, the need to purchase proprietary cards for storage expansion – something countered by PS5 quite well with a simple M.2 SSD add-on slot that opens the door for cheaper expansion.

“But I will say, when we finally saw the public disclosure, I felt even better about the choices that we made on our platform. And I kind of expected that I would. The hardware team that did Xbox One S and Xbox One X, I just have a lot of confidence in them. If I give them the time and the targets to go hit, I believe in their ability to create a great end-to-end program.”

With that said, the battle between the new consoles has barely even started. We know that the Xbox Series X sure does resemble and over-powered PC in terms of specs and abilities, but it seems like the PS5 will be able to hold its own pretty well in most situations. Of course, Microsoft has done a much better job of presenting its product thus far. After all, we still don’t even know what the PS5 looks like, let alone what it will cost, or if it’ll even launch on time.


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