Path of Exile: Delirium Expansion – Fog, Fear, and Juicy rewards

Despite the fact that Metamorf tested our nerves with enemies that we could argue were too powerful, the upcoming Delirium expansion is even more challenging. Inspired a lot by the Breach expansion, this time we’re going for a more, gray world, where all of our fears come together and can deal a lot of damage.

Throughout the map, you’ll find Mirrors of Dilirium that will spawn monsters that you must fight. These monsters will be more pwoerful than usual and you will fight until you complete it or you get overrun. If that happens, you must get away from the fog, and the monsters will disappear, bringing us back to our world. The fog will affect monsters, changing their form and power, but it will also affect bosses, making them even harder to fight, if the bosses aren’t enough, there will be boss-like monsters which will appear from the fog, and they sure do a lot of damage.

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The first new features are the new orbs of delirium, five of them:

  1. One for currency
  2. One for cartography
  3. One for uniques
  4. One for weapons
  5. One for armors

The bonuses will make the player “#% more delirious,” and we will be able to choose our rewards, depending on the orb we used. Increasing the number of orbs used will increase the difficulty of the map. You know, having the most complex and, at the same time, complicated skill tree in the history of gaming is not enough, so what about more passives and even more buffs. If you already had trouble understanding the skill tree, then you should look for a guide.

Cluster Jewels will enter the game this new patch. You will be able to socket them into your skill tree, opening new “branches” with more passives. At the moment there seems to be no end to this expansion” but I am sure that there will be a limit. I mean, wouldn’t that be to op? Each one of these cluster jewels will focus on resistances or a specific type of build, for ex: necromancer.

Delirium also brings to the game new uniques:

  • Perfidy, glorious Plate- players will be able to use two different banners at the same time
  • Algor Mortis, carnal mitts

New skill gems we’re also introduced into the game, and this time, the creators had no restrictions, so you know they’ll be awesome:

  • Balde Blast: each ability that uses knives:(Ethereal Knives or Blade fall) Knives left behind will remain on the ground, and you will be able to detonate them, dealing AOE damage to all the targets.
  • Nonrelated to the skill gems, you are not able to animate the knives left on the ground
  • Kinetic Bolt is a lightning skill, which fires projectiles which “recoil” on short distances, making a nice show for your eyes.

Path of Exile: Dilirium Screenshots

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