Overwatch 2 Has a New Canadian Hero

we kind of expected to hear about Echo first, but Sojurn is cool too

We don’t have a date for when Overwatch 2 will be released, but we sure know that a new hero will join the “good guys” team. Her name is Sojurn, and she’s not only the first black hero but also the first Canadian. The name may sound familiar as she showed up before Overwatch 2 was even a thing. She was the one who hunted Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilien, and she also appeared in many old photos of the overwatch team.

The hero was confirmed by Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director as “ the first Canadian member of Overwatch”

We have no idea what abilities she may have, but a wild guess that they will be focus around guns and she probably won’t be a melee hero. Then again, anything and everything is possible. We’re kind of curious about how we’re hearing about the introduciton of Sojurn over Echo, though. In case you don’t know who Echo is, you can see her at the end of “Reunion” or in the Overwatch 2 trailer. She’s the one who saves Winston in Paris. At the moment there’s not enough information about the game itself, now about the new heroes, but we can expect to hear about more new heroes as the game gets closer to launch.

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Overwatch 2 is a sequel to Overwatch, that will introduce to the game a PvE mode and Co-op story missions. Overwatch focused a lot on PVP matches and very little about the world itself. Overwatch 2 will be focusing on a world where the war seems to have begun once more. Prepared with even bigger guns. You will also be able to improve your heroes as you play. These “upgrades” will unlock at different levels and will remain (pretty much as in StarCraft 2 co-op missions). Overwatch 2 will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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