Operation Scarlet Spear Brings Spaceship Enemies and Squad Team-Ups to WarFrame

Working with another squad might sound easy, but it’s more challenging than you might think!

A big update is coming to Warframe, and it includes some features that were first showcased at Tennocon 2019. Operation Scarlet Spear, as it’s called, will run for four weeks in total, starting today, March 24 and extending to April 21, 2020.

For this event, The AI entities known as Sentients will land in Warframes’s spaceship combat mode where you’l be attacked inside your Railjack ships by various boarding parties. If you don’t think this sounds too tough, well then you need to be aware that these Sentient boarding parties are much smarter than the current alien enemies. They can even disrupt and disable ship systems, which will require you to work with other players to clear the ship and get moving again

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And, this is where the limits to four-player squads comes into play. Currently, four-player squads are the limit, but now there’s a new way to add more players to a mission. A feature called Operation Link, found in the new Operation Room will allow players to team up. If it sounds familiar, that’s because this feature was originally shown as “Squad Link” at Tennocon 2019 where two different squads worked together.

However, there is a caveat as both teams won’t be working on the same ship. One four-player squad will be aboard the Railjack while the other squad will be on the ground dealing with operations there. This is where it gets tough because the players in the ship must survive and do as much as they can while they wait for the other quad to power throught he tradition ground-combat mission. If both teams are successful, things become much easier and every Operation Link mission completed will contribute toward the event’s progress.

In other news, Warframe gets a couple of other goodies, one of which is an in-game museum exhibit dedicated to the Nova Warframe. There’s also a new collection of cosmetics for that Warframe as well.

Operation Scarlet Spear lands on PC first and will carry over to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One shortly thereafter.

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