Old Features Are Coming Back to Diablo 4

We still don't know when it will launch, but we still have some great news!

Diablo 4 seems like it will revive every detail that made the Diablo Series popular. Speaking about loved features, we can’t ignore the customization system. Luis Barriga declared at BlizzCon that a lot of missing features from Diablo 3 will be introduced in Diablo 4. Now, if I am honest, Diablo 4 is the true sequel to Diablo 2, the main thing being the symbols and all the blood which conquers every part of the screen.

Talents, skill ranks, and beloved rune words, this is the customization that won our hearts and made us spend a lot of time in Diablo’s world. This will allow us to play the build we desire, without being forced to go a specific way. I don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten about Rune words since the Lord of Destruction expansion, back in the days where Diablo 2 was fresh out of the box. Just a reminder: if you combine runes you could enchant socked items.

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Even if it seemed fun at the beginning, the endless run for loot in Diablo 3 failed to satisfy the players like Blizzard expected to. Well, in Diablo 4, they are about to change that and focus more on the environment and the map than the loot itself. It’s truly amazing to farm a certain item until it drops(that if you’re lucky) but a lot of players will prefer to explore more than to repeat the same map over and over again.

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