Now You Can Hangout With the Boys in Fortnite’s Party Royale mode

It wasn’t long ago that we first heard about a new mode in Fortnite called Party Royale, a mode that is designed to be a peaceful social place to hang out with friends instead of killing each other. In an interveiw with Polygon, Epic described the mode in an interesting way: “Party Royale is a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind.” And, now that the mode is officially live, it is exactly that.

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Countless players have confirmed Party Roayale’s existience and, as you can see from the tweets embeded above, it’s quite a bit different from the Fortnite you’ve known so far. There’s a different map, new areas to explore, and it is – quite literally – a place to chill and hangout. You can even queue up battle royale matches from within Party Royale, so this could turn into the main pre-game hotspot – that is if it actually takes off as a fan favorite. If not, it could end up disappearing just as quickly as it appeared. Stay tuned for updates! Be sure to check out the least on Chapter 2 Season 3:

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