No Man’s Sky’s Is Getting Giant Metal Mechs That Shoot Lasers and Stomp on Things

They’re huge, have jetpacks, and shoot lasers – I see this as an absolute win! The new Exo mech is the hottest new addition to No Man’s Sky. When I first saw the living ships,  I thought that nothing could top that. Well, seeing these metal giants, I don’t know what to expect in the future. These giants may move slow, but you don’t need to walk when you have a jetpack, and it does look like it can keep you flying for a while. There is also a “safety measure,” represented by a purple laser that can destroy almost everything that crosses your path.

Knowing that you’re safe, you can also use them to mine different resources, knowing that nothing can hit you from the back. There’s not a lot to talk about their abilities, but there’s something about their looks.  I don’t know about you, but it brings a lot of Titanfall vibes, especially when you “summon” them from your ship, and they do an “almost hero landing.”

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If you’re looking for a more” sophisticated” look, you can try the first-person view, which will place you inside the mech, with a hologram on the left, which will most probably show if you take any damage.

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