No Man’s Sky Now Has Living Ships

The upcoming free update will bring living ships to No Man’s Sky. They’re truly alive, and not just from their looks – they can actually hatch from eggs. The update is called “The Living Ship.”  We don’t know for sure how they will work, but the different models look just amazing, with powerful colors and different structures, perhaps players will be able to customize some of their details.

Since the ships can be hatched from eggs, perhaps we’ll be able to have more than one, which sounds great, especially for collectors. Besides the new “exotic” spaceships, we also have a giant skull, from a giant creature. <aybe is some rare, forgotten creatures that roam the emptiness of space in search of food, and that’s great because we’re in search of an adventure. But there is a chance that something even bigger could have taken down such a creature, and we’ll find out sooner or later, but it smells like adventure.

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Back to cool ships, they will bring both astonishing colors biological tech. You’ll find out more from the new story “ ancient Korvax experiments.” The story will explain how one experiment, maybe failed, created such strange ships, based on biological technology.The update will be live this week, so you can already decide on what ship you want to try first.

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