Nintendo Just Launched the new DLC for Luigi’s Mansion 3 Way Ahead of Schedule

The lastest DLC for Luigi’s Mansion 3 expands ScreamPark and ScareScraper modes

I know that the focal point of Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the storyline, but the multiplayer modes are fun too, and that’s why we’re excited to tell you that the game’s second DLC pack has gone live some three months early, and it brings new content to ScreamPark and ScareScraper multiplayer modes.

As Nintendo explains the new content on Twitter:

“Don the new Cap’n Weegee costume in ScareScaper mode or check out all sorts of new & wacky ScreamPark additions. Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC Parts 1 & 2 are available now”

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This is actually a big surprise because the DLC was supposed to go live in July. But, let’s be honest, Nintendo couldn’t have picked a better time to launch it. It’s also on par with the last DLC, which was released a couple of months early as well with the same type of multiplayer content.

If you haven’t checked out the multiplayer mode yet, you really should. ScreamPark and ScareScraper are both a ton of fun, and the mini games in ScreamPark are kind of like a spooky extension of Mario Party. If you have friends who play online, ScareScraper will let you play with up to 8 of them at the same time.

With that said, the new DLC will set you back $10, and it comes with three new mini games for ScreamPark, six new ghosts, three new outfits for Luigi, and three new floor themes for ScareScraper. It’s not necessarily a lot, but it’s enough to keep the multiplayer portion of the game relatively fresh. This could also be the last major DLC for Luigi’s mansion three, but that has neither be confirmed nor denied by Nintendo as of the time of this writing.


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