New Video Showcases How Death Stranding’s New Features Work

Finally, an answer to some of the most common complaints

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Death Stranding Mid-December Update Fast Facts

  • You’ll now be able to remove vehicles left by other players from the map (except MULE vehicles)
  • Cargo will become transparent when the Ordradek is in operation
  • In-game text will be adjustable (you’ll be able to make it larger)
  • Update arrives mid-Decemeber 2019

Death Stranding is an amazing game in its own right, however, it wasn’t perfect at launch – there were a few things that just didn’t set right with most of us. After listening to the community, Kojima Productions is set to launch an update to address the most prominent complaints.

One of the biggest issues revolves around other players leaving their vehicles in the worst spots – something that obviously wasn’t thought of at the start, but seeing how Death Stranding is a shared-world game, it became clear shortly after launch. You don’t get to see other players, as you’ve probably noticed, but you can interact with everything they leave in their wake from bridges and roads, to the vehicles they leave blocking doors or other paths. It can be a god send if someone leaves a vehicle you just so happen to need to commandeer, but it’s a pain in the ass to have to physically move a vehicle when it’s in your way. It’s even worse when it blocks an entrance and can only be dealt with using explosives.

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This new update or patch addresses this by giving you the option to delete or simply remove other player’s vehicles by holding down the options button. It won’t work with MULE vehicles, though, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, you’ll now be able to see the Odradek scanner through the cargo on Sam’s back. When it’s working, cargo will essentially become transparent, preventing a blind spot and interruption of your line of sight. Finally, you’ll be able to increase the text size in the game so that it’s easier to read. As of now, there’s no word if other new features or updates are coming as a result of this first update, but we’ll keep our eyes open for anything new.

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